Is it possible to care *too much*?

At Mills College, all students are on a campuswide listserv that comes in the form of a daily digest and cannot be deleted or unsubscribed. That is to say, they spam you every day and there's nothing you can do but bend over and take it.

Not so bad, really; you don't have to read it. Except that, whoops, you do have to read it, because occasionally there's something important in it. Like, all streets on campus will be closed Thursday, or you must bring a copy of your car registration to get a parking permit. (This information was in e-mail only and not in the orientation packet. Way to go.)

Of course, you can't choose only to read the important things. You have to at least read the subject lines for the unimportant things, because that's the only way to know if they're important or not. And that's how you stumble across things worth blogging about. To wit:

>We have received several telephone calls
>expressing concern over the low water level
>in the pond by the Music Building, so I'm
>writing to give you an update on its condition.
>Mills did not intentionally drain the pond.
>Over the weekend the overflow tube got knocked
>over, and thus the water drained from the pond.
>Facilities and Grounds personnel have been
>making an effort to capture all of the fish and
>frogs living in the pond in order to ensure
>their safety during this unfortunate event.
>Once they have captured the creatures the pond
>will be cleaned and refilled.
>One of the two turtles living in the pond is
>undergoing medical care at this point (it was
>injured, possibly by a bird), but the other turtle
>is missing. We hope to find and relocate it.
>Please understand that Mills is doing everything we
>can to ensure the safety of the pond's inhabitants,
>and that the pond will be returned to its original
>state as soon as possible.

Yeah, I think I know what "everything we can" is:


The Blog is Back, Bitch

So, it's been quite a while since this blog was active. I'm sure that situation upset many people. Rankled them, if you will. My rabid fan base had to turn their rabidity elsewhere.

Part of the reason I stopped blogging was that I got chewed out and nearly fired for some non-blog-related activity at my old job. After that happened, I freaked and decided that even though it was an anonymous blog, I should shut the thing down to reduce the possible reasons for me to be fired. This was a couple months after that Google employee mysteriously "left" his job after posting some internal company shit on his blog. Since I blogged about stupid stuff at my own job (see here and here), I didn't want to end up like him.

But now I have a new job! And more importantly, I'm going to grad school at a women's liberal arts college in the San Francisco Bay Area, despite not being a woman. This means there will be tons of zany stuff to blog about. In other words, so what if Steve Lambert finds this blog. It's not my problem any more.