New Posts Are Coming (Also, Funny Names)

I want to write a new blog post!!!!!! But there is just so much other crap to do! And not enough minutes in the hour OMG!!!!!!!!!1

In the meantime, enjoy this pointless piece I threw together a few years ago. Many people might not be aware that Vladimir Nabokov, author of "Lolita" and dozens of other works, often inserted characters into his books whose names were anagrams of his own (the most famous, perhaps, being Vivian Darkbloom in "Lolita"). So, being a future novelist myself, one day I sat down with a notepad and sketched out potential anagrammatic names based on my own name.

There are very few possibilities on this list of a real name. My name is 15 letters long, but only contains four vowels. The huge proportion of consonants to vowels makes it really hard to come up with words using all the letters in my name, let alone proper nouns. Consequently, many of these names are weird.

A final note: all of these names are characters in my work and are thus copyrighted. So don't go stealing them like that chick who stole the heartwarming story of how I got my name and put it in a story about a little girl named Mason. X-(

Stamos Nockstill
Stamos Stillnock
Stamos Nillstock
Stamos Nollstick
Stamos Skollnict
Tomas L. Skinclots
Tom Stacis-Knolls
MaStocki St. Llons
Tomas St. Llonsick
Macks Totillsson
Macks Toltilsson
Macks Tolstilson
Moll Stank Sticos
Stans Tomol Slick
Stans Tomicksoll
Stans McKistollo
Stans McKostillo
Stans C. Kostollim
S. Stanli McKostol
Cassill Monstokt
Toms Llan-Tissock
Toms Noll-Stasick
Nils Stall-McKost
Nils Skol-McToast
Kollins S. McToast
Kollins McToasst
Collins Smac Tost
Kollins MacTosst
Kollins McStoast
Toast S. McKollins
Skolnic Stomastl
Tomass Skollnict


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Tomas L. Skinclots

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