Some Lists

McSweeney's did not want these, so they can be posted here now.

Most Adorable YouTube Videos

- A piglet wearing sunglasses is raised by a monkey wearing a bow tie
- Twin baby girls sing "You are my Sunshine" with a lisp
- A bounce house falls on a baby but the baby is not hurt because he was sitting such that the doorway opening went over him, and he giggles
- A kitten in a wheelchair plays Tetris on an iPhone
- A grown man dresses like a ninja and dispenses advice
- An otter wears a sport coat, smokes a pipe, and speaks with a British accent
- A duckling steals a muffin from a baby seal, then has it stolen by a guinea pig
- "The Trouble with Tribbles" is re-enacted by muppet actors wearing bow ties

Other Novels In Which A Troubled Relationship Is Depicted Through A Clever Metaphorical Title

- The Invisible Man’s Second Cousin
- The Vampire’s In-Laws
- The Alchemist’s Gay Partner Whom He Refers To As His ‘Roommate’
- The Babysitter’s Babysitter
- The Tooth Fairy’s Reliable Auto Mechanic
- The Levitator’s Half-Time Intern
- The Vice President’s Cornish Game Hen